Sunday, September 6, 2009

FishScience Training


With all the work lately, I finally said screw this, I'm going fishing. I contacted Clark from FishSciences and he said said he was available this weekend. So today at about noon we met at the Stanislaus for a little line slingin' and for me an opportunity to learn how to use there research boxes to photograph and document the catches. The set-up is a custom plastic box that is filled with river water and when a fish is caught, he is put in the box for his photoshoot. The one side is numbered with a ruler for measuring the fish and the other has an opaque side that hinges down to reveal a clear side for viewing purposes. ( see image above) So after photographing the side of the fish for length, position of the fins, and spotting we close the side and take a snap of the head portion from above.


This portion, as to what I am understanding, is the "fingerprint' of the fish. Each pattern of spots is different from fish to fish and this is a major part of the research and the purpose of catologing the fish. So the fact that this is Clark's job, he had all the scoop on what had been killing it at the Stan and it was still killing it today. Within minutes I had hooked one and the documenting session was on. In all I landed 9 and Clark probably just as many including a huge Rainbow that was too huge for my net, (20"+) that snapped off after a lengthy battle. So a good day for fishing and a good day for research. Happy Tying! D.

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