Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Day with Capt. Dan Blanton

Almost two years ago I had won a guided trip on the CA Delta with Capt. Dan Blanton. For various reasons; whether it be weather or his busy guiding schedule, the trip hadn't happened until last month. This season, he decided to quit guiding and just enjoy the fishing. For some reason decided he still had an obligation to a few people to take em out and I was one of the lucky ones. For those of you that dont know who Dan Blanton is, just Google it. The man is like the godfather of striper fishing out here on the CA Delta. He runs a very popular forum here, and hosts/organizes StriperFest each year to raise thousands of $$ to protect the CA Delta striped bass.

For those of you that haven't been out on the CA Delta, or even those who have, it can be very overwhelming. I mean the place can get you lost, spun around, bass-ackwards, and not to mention get you run over by a Japanese barge rolling in to port at any time. Its crazy and definitely nice to learn a bit about the place from someone who has fished there for 40+ years.

To the day. I met Blanton at his skiff at the Sugar Barge around 7, and he was there already getting things ready. We headed out to the main channel of the San Joaquin and at his first spot we were going to hit up was already taken. Go figure as we roll up the guy is throwing top water spooks and bam catches a 17 lber! I was like this is going to be a good day. We move on to the next spot and the fog is really moving in. First few casts and pow a nice 4 lber. from there we landed a few more and the by that time the tide was slackining and fishing got tough. We headed from spot to spot til about 5, each landing around a half dozen keeper stripers and about the same LMB. Cant say the fishing was great but the time learning about the amazing fishery and techniques are invaluable things that will lead to great days in the future I'm sure. Thanks Dan and can't wait to get back out there. I've been hearing the bigger fish are moving in. Here are a few pics from the day..Stay Fly! D