Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where Have All the Big Fish Gone?

When I write "Big" fish, maybe I should clarify myself a little bit. By "Big", I'm talking about big from the Lower Stanislaus River. On average a fish caught there below the dam is around the 10-12" range and on occasion you can hook a healthy 15-20 incher. As of late, talking the past two weeks since the flows have lowered below 500 cfs, almost every fish caught has been in the 6-10" range. All bright and shiny new spawns I suppose. Today was a little exception to that. I managed to hook and land a 13/14" with nice thickness to him. He was that darker color like he'd been there a while. I hope to get that picture posted soon. Anyway quantity has not been the issue here, its really been quality. With multiple double digit fish days out there, the "big" fish are playing the illusive card and killing us. Maybe its time to move up in elevation and get some quality in our game. Stay fly my friends. D

Tom G