Friday, January 6, 2012

Opening Day on the Lower Valley Rivers!

My dad and I jump started 2012 on the Merced River by floating from the Crocker Huffman dam all the way to Snelling Road. Daniel and I had done this float a few years back and I was anxious to see some of the spots not accessible from the road again. Within 5 minutes of wetting the line, Dad was into a fish, and that fish set the tempo for the rest of the day. Egg/glow bug/sucker spawn patterns seemed to be the ticket for us. Only 1 fish came on a different fly. With catching great numbers of fish typically means a lot of smaller fish in a general sense, but I did manage to nab a nice healthy 18 incher too! All in all it was a great day to get out and fish with my dad. We don't get out there together as often as we used to but it's definitely special to me when we do. I would recommend this float to anyone with a smaller pontoon and a general sense of how to navigate a bit of whitewater. The rapids are nothing extreme by any sense of the word but can definitely put you in a bad position if you are unsure of what you are doing. There are a lot of great wild fish in that section of river!

Stay fly


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