Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Almighty Sex Dungeon

This weeks tying segment will be dedicated to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite big fish flies. The Sex Dungeon (originally tied by Kelly Galloup) is one of the best articulated streamer patterns. Kelly originally got the idea for this fly from a classic gear plug known as the broke-back Rapala. The sex dungeon's undulating action and movement in the water are what make this fly deadly. Based on what Kelly describes as "predator theory," this fly will instinctively get the hogs to slam it. In the short time period I've been fishing this fly, I've managed to get some of my largest fish of the season. Daniel bagged his biggest rainbow to date, a nice 22-23" thick rainbow, on an olive sex dungeon (see photo above). Although, that being said, the little guys still sometimes don't realize what they chase down and this fly will get quite a few average sized fish too. Anyway, let's get to tying!

Hook: Tiemco 5263 #2 (Front) & #4 (Rear)
Thread: Danville 210 Denier, Olive
Tail: Olive Marabou & Olive Krystal Flash
Body: Medium Olive Ice Chenille
Hackle: Barred Olive Schlappen
Legs: Barred Crazy Legs, Olive/Green Flake
Articulated Connection: Berkeley Fireline 30lb test, Small red glass bead
Head: Deer Hair, Olive
Eyes: Large Pseudo Eyes, Yellow
Special Tools: Double edged razor blade

1. Put the rear hook in the vice and tie in a tuff of marabou for the tail.

2. Tie in some strands of krystal flash on each side of the tail. Tie in the schlappen feather and ice chenille at the tie in point.

3. Wrap the chenille forward. Leave some room to tie in the legs.

4. Palmer the schlappen forward. Tie in the legs at the head of the fly.

5. Remove the rear hook and put the front hook in the vice. Loop the rear hook and bead with the Fireline and tie in. Make sure to double back the Fireline to prevent it from coming loose. Also, leave about 40% of shank up by the eye free to make the head.

6. Repeat the steps from the rear hook except for the tail, but make sure to still leave that room for the head. Tie in the the eyes under the hook shank as well.

7. With 3 wraps of thread, spin in the deer hair collar.

8. Still with the thread behind the eyes, tie in another clump of deer hair. This clump shouldn't spin and remain mostly on top of the hook shank. Advance the thread in front of the eyes and spin in one last clump of deer hair. Next, just whip finish at the hook eye.

9. With a double edged razor blade shave a rounded head with a flat underside.

10. Closer view from the front of the head.

11. The finished Sex Dungeon!

Charlie Craven (of Charlie's Fly Box) also has a variation of this fly. Not liking the gap between the hooks, Charlie ties a variation of this fly with rabbit strips to close that gap. Here's my tie of Charlie's variation in orange.

Stay fly,

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