Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hatches Magazine & Net Prototypes

Well, much to my surprise, this little blog is being read by more people than I thought. I recently have been in contact with the content director for Hatches Magazine and my tutorial on tying the Ska-opper is being posted on their website! This new connection will hopefully lead to better quality tutorials for the faithful readers of this blog as well as Hatches. Most people that know me know I have a passion for photography and hopefully this new inspiration will lead to better quality photography of the tying process. Anyway, here's the link to the write-up on Hatches: The Ska-Opper

In other news, Gotta Stay Fly is starting to make headway in other areas. We should have some dope logo t-shirts and stickers on the way here soon. We've been making strides in a new product also, so be on the lookout for GSF nets! Daniel has been busy cranking out some new designs. In the past, we've lost some large fish due to the fact our poorly designed nets couldn't handle a big fish flopping around. We've also both expressed our interests in the aesthetic aspects of a quality wood framed net, but our discord for the high price tag associated with them has been a negative factor. Most of the wooden nets out on the market are more like art pieces than a functional tool for fishing. With our prototype nets, Daniel has focused on creating a quality wooden net that is meant to be used frequently and without a huge price tag. Daniel and I have collaborated with this idea and he has built a series of nets that serve our functional needs as well as be pleasing aesthetically. We are striving to build a quality, useful net that the serious fly fisherman and/or guide can be confident in using to land the fish of their life or for a client. Here's an example of the second prototype!


Let us know what you think!

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