Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Squidro

Since it's been raining and feeling more like steelhead weather than spring, I decided to add another steelhead fly tying segment. For this one, I continued with another Scott Howell pattern entitled the Squidro. The Squidro is another intruder-type pattern that utilizes rubber legs instead of the typical ostrich, rhea, or amherst feathers that would normally be on a typical intruder. The thinking behind utilizing the rubber legs was fly life longevity and two-tone color combo availability. Anyway, here's a very simple way to tie a Squidro. This isn't exactly the same way Scott ties them, but for the sake of simplicity and saving time, here's a quick version that does the trick.

Shank: Waddington 35mm
Hook: Size 2 Octopus
Connection: 30lb Fireline
Thread: Olive 6/0
Butt: Olive Ice Dub
Body: Copper Diamond Braid
Legs: Back- Orange Crazy Legs, Front- Root Beer with Orange tipped Crazy Legs
Head: Olive Ice Dub
Weight: Medium Nickel lead eyes

1. Attach the hook to the shank with the Fireline. Making sure the Fireline is doubled over itself and tied down to firmly secure it.

2. Make a dubbing ball butt at the rear. This can be done by twisting the ice dub on or in a dubbing loop. I prefer doing it with a dubbing loop.

3. Tie in 2 clumps of crazy legs. One clump on top of the shank and one on the bottom.

4. Make another dubbing ball in front of the legs.

5. Tie in a piece of diamond braid and wrap it forward to about the 75% point on the shank.

6. The next set of legs are tied in a bit differently. Tie the legs in backwards (that is with the tips pointing forward).

7. Then create a dubbing ball just like in step 2 right on top of the tie in point for the front set of legs.

8. Next, pull the legs back and secure them with a pipe cleaner or piece of wire.

9. Tie in the eyes. Then create a dubbing ball and make a wrap in front of the legs and figure 8 the dubbing through the eyes.

10. Tie off the thread and it is complete! One possible additional step is to add 2 grizzy hackles on top of the fly like a traditional intruder if you prefer.

This version in the picture at the top is a larger, more winter-oriented Squidro, whereas the one tied here is more of a summer steelhead/large trout color pattern. Tie a few up and give them a swing!

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