Saturday, September 8, 2012

The GSF Fly Tying Series Vol. 1 - The Wedding Veil

Recently, Daniel and I decided to embark on a new project involving filming new and proven patterns in an entertaining way. Most fly tying videos can be somewhat boring and strictly informative. We decided to try and break this mold by producing videos that stay informative but also are entertaining to watch. The fly we chose to kick off this series is the Wedding Veil, created by Thomas Harvey. This pattern is deadly in the water and is sure to bring in some nice bass. This fly also highlights some newer products, such as the Clear Cure Eyes. These eyes are weightless and constructed like traditional dumbbell lead eyes, but obviously without the weight of lead. Because of this design they are also far superior to regular stick on eyes due to the fact they won't fall off. One of the other key points to make about this fly is its customizability. The original pattern calls for a zonker strip for a tail but many different materials can be substituted for this. For example, in the video Daniel uses hackle feathers. Anyway, check it out!

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Intro Video

The Wedding Veil

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