Friday, August 30, 2013

Sid Fishes

Here's just a cool quick and dirty steelhead fly that'll get the job done. Many shank style intruder flies these days are very overly complex and difficult to tie. Jeff Hickman's Sid Fishes isn't one of those. Simplicity is key with this one. What's truly nice also is that all the materials are easy to find and readily available. With a name like Sid Fishes I attempted to keep the Sex Pistols/punk rock theme alive in this quick edit. Anyway, here is the material list for SID FISHES!

Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus #2
Shank: Tiemco 9395 #2
Connection: Econoflex Wire, Fine
Butt: Ice Dub, UV Fluorescent Hot Pink
Rear Collar: Polar Chenille, UV Fluorescent Fuschia
Body: Flashabou, Holographic Purple
Rib: Copper Wire
Front Body: Ice Dub, Purple
Front Collar: Guinea, Purple
Topping: Flashabou, Holographic Purple
Head: Silver Cone, large

Thanks for checking it out!

Stay Fly,

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  1. That's the best way of shooting a how-to-tie video I've seen. Great job!