Monday, September 22, 2014

AC Fly Fishing - Summer on the Lower Sacramento Video

This summer I had the opportunity to film my buddy, Anthony Carruesco, guiding on the Lower Sacramento river. The Lower Sac is an amazing fishery and provides fly angling opportunities 365 days a year. Even in the dead of summer, fishing on this river can be phenomenal and in the few days I filmed, we experienced just that. There were lots of hookups and even a few hogs found their way into the net! However, the Lower Sac can be a humble experience if you don't know the river like Anthony does. He knows where your flies need to be at any flow, any condition, and/or any season. Do yourself a favor and book him for a trip! You won't be disappointed!

AC Fly Fishing

I'm hoping to make this a 4 part series chronicling the 4 seasons on the Lower Sacramento, but we'll see!  Lots of other video project ideas in the works as well!

Stay fly,


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