Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back on the Stan


Its definitely been a long time since our last post and I guess we have some catching up to do. Lets start with what Thomas and I have been up to in the last few months. Well in a nut shell here it is: Thomas built a new rod, Sage Z-axis Switch 5wt, I had a baby girl, all the local rivers have been blown so not much actual fishing, Thomas hooked and lost a trophy on the Merced, we attended the annual Fly fishing show in Pleasanton last weekend(sticker mania), and we have acquired the best addition to our gear..GoPro video cameras.(ill put up a post just on this later this week).


As far as fishing goes, yesterday was the first successful day this year for us. With it being about a month since we had actually slung any line we decided to hit up the Stan. With my new Galvan T-5 and Thomas's new switch rod along with our rigged up GoPro Video Cameras we headed into the canyon. Within minutes of getting on the water I was on to fish and with the cameras rolling we got this footage of a really nice bow. Only thing I can say about this fish is that in all the time we have fished that area, I nor Thomas have ever seen a fish of that quality caught and landed. Either he took the long trip up the river or he had fallen over the dam either way it was a beautiful suprise. Check out this video, shot entirely with our GoPros, of our morning out there and the catch. Stay Fly..D

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