Friday, March 18, 2011

Rain is here...again


The forecast says rain for the next 11 days or so. That sounds promising for our local fisheries and flows.. not. I guess then this makes a perfect time to build that custom rod that I've been wanting to build. Oh wait, I just finished it last week. Yes I got my Sage VXP 5100-4 blank kit last week and wasted no time. It looks awesome with its real French silver tinsel accents and I cant wait to cast it and land one. Dont worry I GoPro'd the whole thing and should have a time lapse video up in the next few days. So in the next 11 days or so when the rain visits and stays around, maybe we will stock up our fly boxes. Tie up for the upcoming trips like Diamond Hair streamers and El Ratons for the Restore the Delta Bass tourney or even time up some small baetis for the Truckee. Oh and we cant forget to tie up a bunch of woolly worms of various flavors for the all too hungry Lohantons over the hill at Pyramid Lake. The next two weeks of rain should drown our rivers but we will continue to look forward to upcoming EPIC trips. Stay tuned for the Rod build video and you can be sure the GoPros will be running, gobbling up GB, creating our next awesome video short.

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