Sunday, January 3, 2010

Season Opener


With the New Year upon us, once again the Central Valley tailwaters open back up. With great anticipation, Thomas and I headed out the The Stan on Jan. 2. This was a first for the both of us fishing so early in the year and we didn't know what to expect. Upon arrival of the dam parking, there were about 6-7 cars. After suiting up we headed down to the river to see if we could hook a few. We ran into a foursome on the road gearing down and they had said they had been there all day and "hadnt even had a single take and that they hadnt seen anyone else even hook up. Me, beeing kind of cynical, actually love to hear this from people leaving the river. Its kind of like a challenge and I love it. Down on the river I had figured our favorite spot would have been taken; but to my suprise, it was free. There were about 5/6 people already on the river slingin flies at this time and it was about 3pm. The river was hopin just like we had left it 2 months ago with trout hittin the surface non stop. It can be very frustrating to see this and to not be catching anything. But if you know whats up, this can be awesome and it seems that we know exactly whats up. With my second cast, fish on! A nice 10"er to start off the year right. I could see that this really frustrated the guy just down the river about 20' away. An hour later, 7 fish and tons of hits and misses, the river was all ours. It was awesome and a great start to the year. I just got done tying a bunch more of ammo for the slangin and am amped to get back out. D!


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